Being as: Alternity is theoretically my favorite RPG system but it was dead before I got into it and I’ll never get to actually play it, and

Being as: I’ve had an Alternity setting stuck in my mind, kinda gestating there for seven, eight minutes years, and

Being as: Quite a lot of Alternity was translated into D20 Future, but I’ll probably never get to play that either, and

Being as: Star Wars Saga Edition is a pretty neat sci-fi system with near-4th Edition power levels but still mostly compatible with D20,

This wiki is to be an attempt to finally build in a concrete way the sci-fi campaign setting I’ve been thinking about since high school, along with modifications to the Saga Edition system to bring it more in line with my vision.

Have fun watching, and feel free to demand explication of jargon or anything else I haven’t detailed to your satisfaction.

Black Mark